Initiatives on Risk Management and Compliance

Fukuoka Realty Co. Ltd., the asset manager, has established its basic policy on compliance and the Compliance Regulations. Based on these, the General Manager of Compliance Department and the Compliance Assessment Committee check law abidance, and the Compliance Assessment Committee confirms the existence or non-existence of conflicts of interests with interested parties. Through these measures, the Company endeavors to prevent the risks of violation of laws and ordinances as well as conflicts of interests.

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(*1)The prior consent of the investment corporation’s board of directors is obtained in cases falling under the provisions of Article 201-2(1) of the Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations.


Sustainability Policy

As the asset management company for Fukuoka REIT Corporation, Fukuoka Realty Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) is engaged in maximizing unitholder interests over the medium to long term as its mission.

To achieve this mission, the Company considers it essential to promote sustainability through securing environmental, social and governance (ESG) awareness, on top of pursuing profitability as its first objective. Accordingly, the Company believes that it is important to reflect awareness for various ESG issues in its real estate investment and management processes.

As a policy for specifically implementing this thinking, the Company has established its Sustainability Policy (“the Policy”) as described below.

<Sustainability Policy>
  1. Promoting Energy Conservation of Portfolio Properties
    • We will monitor the energy consumption levels of properties we manage, and work to improve management to lower the levels over the medium to long term.
    • We will endeavor to improve the energy consumption efficiency of buildings at the time of renovating them and their facilities, so as to enhance the property value and mitigate environment-related risks as well as reduce operating costs.
  2. Responding to Climate Change Risks
    • We will endeavor to help mitigate climate change risks by working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the properties we manage through utilization of renewable energy and other energy conservation measures.
  3. Contributing to Creation of a Recycling Society
    • We will monitor water consumption and waste management at the properties we manage and promote water saving and recycling through better management, in an effort to utilize limited resources efficiently.
    • We will investigate adoption of water-saving equipment and water-reuse systems at the opportunities of renovating buildings.
  4. Pursuing Well-being and Safety
    • We will endeavor to provide healthy and comfortable indoor spaces at the properties we manage, striving to enhance tenant satisfaction and property competitiveness.
    • We will implement measures to prevent and reduce disasters at the properties we manage, such as ensuring earthquake resistance and fully preparing emergency equipment, to provide safe and secure buildings.
  5. Utilizing Green Building Certifications
    • We will investigate obtainment of green building certifications and other environmental assessments in order to visualize the results of our initiatives on the environment and the society at the properties we manage as well as to enhance property competitiveness.
  6. Enlightening Employees
    • To implement the Policy, we will provide our employees with education and training sessions on ESG awareness in real estate investment and management operations, heightening their awareness and enriching their expertise.
  7. Collaboration with Tenants and Suppliers
    • In implementing the Policy, assuming that it is essential to obtain understanding and cooperation from the tenants of respective properties and our major business partners including property management companies, we will work to build good relations with each of them in an effort to establish a collaborative structure.
  8. Establishing Internal Organizations
    • In order to manage the implementation of what is provided in the Policy, we will organize a sustainability promotion committee within the Company.
    • We will set up specific objectives, etc. for each of our initiatives and review them periodically.
  9. Monitoring and Disclosing Environmental and Social Performances
    • We will continuously grasp the status and results of our implementations based on the Policy, while monitoring the status of ESG initiatives on our own by utilizing external assessment systems and surveys including GRESB.
    • We will disclose information and achievements regarding our ESG initiatives to the unitholders and other stakeholders in a timely and appropriate manner.

Established: January 29, 2018

CSR Activities

Fukuoka Realty Co., Ltd. completely adheres to the thinking that “a corporation should make its existence useful to society at large, while pursuing profits through fair competition as an economic body“ (Charter of Corporate Behavior by Nippon Keidanren), an idea that is now widely accepted as the basis of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Above all, it is our belief that Fukuoka Realty’s mission is to fulfill this responsibility by contributing to the development of local communities as the asset management company of Fukuoka REIT, the sole region-specific REIT (real estate investment trust) in Japan. Fukuoka REIT has established the following five principles as specific guidelines of this endeavor.

<CSR Chapter>
  1. Our first priority is to be a “good corporate citizen” for the Fukuoka and Kyushu areas. Fukuoka Realty exists to contribute to the development of these areas. Without this foothold, we cannot contribute to the society at large. As such, we proactively engage in social contribution activities.
  2. We will communicate with the world and society at large. As a management company for a REIT, we are connected to investors around the world through the capital market. Along with disclosure of corporate information and corporate activities in a fair manner, we will proactively provide information on the Fukuoka and Kyushu areas.
  3. All of our corporate activities shall be conducted in a fair, transparent and appropriate manner, and shall never fail to comply with laws and regulations as well as with corporate ethics.
  4. As a manager of real estate, we will continue our specific measures for energy efficiency and reducing the environmental load at the properties owned by Fukuoka Realty.
  5. We respect the diversity of our employees, their personality and characteristics, as well as a secure environment that facilitates their work and enhances their quality of life.
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Environmental Certification

We have obtained environmental certifications and evaluation of properties through Fukuoka REIT Corporation. For detail, please refer to the Fukuoka REIT Corporation website.

Contribution to Local Communities

OnRAMP Supports Local Vitalization

OnRAMP is a members-only entrepreneurs' salon with business incubation facilities established by Fukuoka Realty Co., Ltd. and DOGAN beta, Inc. to support and cultivate entrepreneurs and facilitate networking among them.

Real Estate, Economics and Finance Gathering

We have been holding the Real Estate, Economics and Finance Gathering annually since 2008 with the cooperation of the Japan Real Estate Institute. Local real estate companies, financial institutions, and government agencies participate in the conference, which contributed to networking and further stimulation of the local economy.

Hakata Community Development Promotion Conference

Clean-up days

Employees actively participate in community clean-up activities.

Flower planting

We support a flower-planting program on streets from Hakata to Tenjin area, in cooperation with local residents and companies.

Joining FGN Support Council

We support Fukuoka Growth Next, which was established with the aim of contributing to job creation and local economic development through support for 'start-up companies' and 'second foundation of small and medium enterprises.'

FUKUOKA Growth Next