Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission

Our Company, an asset management company familiar with the Fukuoka and Kyushu area,
invests in real estate for rent in Fukuoka and Kyushu based on local characteristics,
and appropriately manages the invested real estate.
Achieving stable earnings over the medium to long term,
we will make efforts to keep providing stable dividends to unitholders of Fukuoka REIT Corporation for the future.

Act Local, Think Global

Act Local

Taking advantage of the speed and robustness of information that relies heavily on the local network of area knowledge and the local economic community, we aim to enhance our ability to gather information and discern profitability from a local standpoint, while differentiating the selection of properties as targets for investment and the management of owned assets.

Think Global

Regarding real estate and financial markets, we will closely track movements occurring across the whole of Japan and the entire world, taking into consideration the logic of capital markets with global ideas, and appropriately reflect it in our asset management. We diligently focus on dialogue with investors and focus on fulfilling our accountability and utilizing our fund management skills for investors under a strict compliance policy.

Contribution to Regional Revitalization and Appealing City Development

We believe that bringing excellent domestic and foreign investment funds to local real estate finance markets will stimulate the city development of Fukuoka and Kyushu.
Although we are not directly involved in town development and development, it is expected that new funds will be transferred to the seller through the acquisition of property and part of the funds will be directed towards new development etc., leading to regional growth.
Since funds are introduced from Fukuoka REIT Corporation both in Japan and overseas, new investment funds will flow into Fukuoka and Kyushu as a whole. Moreover, with regional growth, we aim to stabilize the profitability of Fukuoka REIT Corporation, given the possibility that our investment opportunities and the revenue of owned assets will increase.

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